Best CBD Oil for Sleep — Say Goodbye to Insomnia Once and for All

Are you tossing and turning in your bed at night, trying to fall asleep? Have you tried every remedy you could find, but with no success? Then let us introduce you to the best CBD oil for sleep and show you how it will help you beat insomnia!

What Is Insomnia?

There are several disorders and conditions that might affect your sleep, but none are quite as common as insomnia. In fact, according to some estimates, a third of the population displays some of its symptoms, while 10% has the exact diagnosis. That means that over 700 million people are struggling to function due to sleeplessness!


To feel well-rested, most people need around eight hours of sleep every night. However, those who suffer from insomnia get much less than that, and often none at all. Even when they do sleep, they wake up frequently and don’t feel well-rested in the morning. That can seriously impact their mood, relationships, and performance in different areas of life.


Are you starting to suspect you might have insomnia? Here are a few common symptoms that will help you recognize it:


  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up too early or during the night and being unable to fall asleep again
  • Tiredness, sleepiness, lethargy
  • Not feeling well-rested after sleep
  • Difficulty focusing on tasks and remembering
  • Anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Frequent mistakes and accidents
  • Worry about sleep

What Causes Insomnia and Sleep Problems?

Knowing what exactly causes your sleep issues can help you address them properly and find some relief. That’s especially true for insomnia since it often stems from lifestyle and bad habits. Here are some of the most common causes of sleeplessness:


  • Stress — worries, trauma, and big changes often come with insomnia because your mind stays active at night
  • Schedule that disrupts your circadian rhythm — night shifts and travels put you at risk of insomnia
  • Poor sleep habits — watching TV, playing games, and doing stimulating activities before bed may make it difficult to fall asleep
  • Mental health disorders — anxiety, PTSD, and depression often cause sleep issues
  • Medical conditions such as chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, and overactive thyroid
  • Sleep apnea

How CBD Helps

For a while now, CBD has been promoted as a miracle cure for insomnia and sleep disorders. But can it actually help you get the sleep you so desperately crave? And if yes, how?


In our body, there is a network of neurotransmitters called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It regulates various important processes — body temperature, mood, immune response, and sleep. Suffering from insomnia might mean that, for some reason, ECS can’t bring balance to your body on its own.


That’s where CBD steps in. It directly affects ECS, restoring the balance, and helping you fall asleep. On top of that, CBD relieves anxiety and stress, which, as you have seen, can contribute to sleep problems.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

Now that you know that solution for your troubles exists, you may be wondering what the best CBD oil for sleep is. Let us warn you in advance — choosing just one is incredibly hard. So we’ve decided to make a list with our top five picks!

1. Royal CBD

With their incredible full-spectrum products, Royal CBD will help you sleep like a baby! The company is fully transparent about the ingredients and extraction methods that it uses, so you can be confident that you’re getting a safe product. Plus, if you’re not a big fan of oil, you can buy their THC-free gummies to chew on!

2. Gold Bee

Natural CBD flavor may not be to everyone’s taste, but honey almost always is. That’s why Gold Bee infused all of their products — oil, capsules, and gummies — with honey! They won’t only help you beat insomnia but also make your day just a little bit sweeter!

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is one of the most versatile CBD brands out there! They produce everything — oils, gummies, tinctures, syrups, lollipops, vape juices, and so much more. On top of that, every single product you see on their website is made of premium quality hemp that’s free from all toxins and pesticides. You simply can’t go wrong with this brand!

4. MedTerra

MedTerra always puts your health first — that’s why they use only non-GMO hemp grown in the US. Aside from their pure CBD oils and tinctures, they make CBD-infused wellness supplements. We highly recommend you try the one with melatonin — these two substances combined are bound to give you a good night’s sleep!

5. CBDistillery

If you’re looking for something equally potent and affordable, CBDistillery is just the right place. They offer five different potencies to their customers, as well as a number of other products. Oils, gummies, powders, topicals — you name it, they have it!

In Conclusion

Say goodbye to insomnia and finally get some rest with the best CBD oil for sleep. After just a few days of use, you’ll notice a considerable improvement in your overall health and performance. So don’t hesitate and buy some CBD today!

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