What Is the Best CBD Oil for Migraines?

Although migraines are a big and serious health condition that a lot of people suffer from, we don’t know a lot about what causes them or what the best course of treatment is. People have tried many remedies, from traditional pain-killers and similar medication to natural cures, but nothing seems to work fully. That is why so many patients started turning to CBD-based products, as CBD oils in particular have proven to be effective in treating many ailments. So, if you are looking for the best CBD oil for migraines, you are in the right place. In this article, we will offer you a list of our favorite oils and tell you a little bit about each of them.

How Can CBD Oils Help You?

While there are no complete clinical studies that fully confirm CBD’s effectiveness in treating migraines, CBD users swear by it. According to many, it lessens their pain and shortens the duration of the migraine. 


Since CBD has proven to be a good remedy for chronic pain because of its anti-inflammatory effects, it makes sense that it would be good for treating headaches and migraines as well. What’s great about CBD is the fact that it has no psychoactive components, so it won’t get you high as cannabis would. 

Best CBD Oil for Migraines

There are dozens of CBD brands out there and their websites all shower you with a bunch of confusing and detailed information that doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t know the terminology or what you are looking for. That is why we decided to compile a simple list that will give you all the necessary information and help you find the best solution for you. So, these are the best CBD oils for migraines. 

  1. Royal CBD

RoyalCBD oils have up to 83 mg of CBD per mL, which makes them very strong. They test every batch in independent labs, and the quality is the best on the market. The oil has a natural flavor, which means it tastes great. The only downside is that these oils are a bit more expensive than the average. Still, it is completely justified if we consider their effectiveness and reviews. 

  1. GoldBee

This company is a newcomer in the CBD business. Even so, their products have become popular with CBD users because of their good quality and affordable prices. These oils are organic, and they are produced in what is probably the most sophisticated manner on the market. Apart from the unflavored oils that everyone is used to, GoldBe also offers a honey-kiwi flavor that many people love.  

  1. CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers its products both as full-spectrum CBD and as pure oils. Their hemp isn’t organic, though, which is a no-go for many users. Still, this brand is very potent and has been a great help with severe migraines and chronic pain. What is also great about these oils is that they are the most affordable on the market.

  1. Hemp Bombs

This brand has the most diverse product range, and all products contain only CBD isolates. Their oils offer the highest percentage of CBD per serving and are quite potent. Still, their hemp is of lower quality than that of those above, which is why they are the most affordable. 

  1. NuLeaf Naturals

This company offers all its products as full-spectrum extracts. Furthermore, their oils are available in practically any dose you could think of, from 5mL to 100mL. They are a bit more expensive than others on this list, even though their hemp isn’t organic. Still, this company is one of the CBD pioneers, so many people come back to it time and time again. 

A Few Parting Words

If you are looking for natural and unconventional remedies for migraines, CBD oils are the route you should take. Buying CBD oils is your next step, but it is important to inform yourself further before you take that step. That is why we recommend exploring each of these products even further so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need for the money you pay. If you find that none of our picks fit your specific needs, try exploring further. There are dozens of CBD companies and oils that aren’t on our list, and one of them will surely be the best CBD oil for migraines for you. 

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