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e-Briefings Past Issues

Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2009: Vol. 4, No. 1

Download PDF: e-Briefing-Vol4-No1-2009.pdf (472 KB; 12 pp)


    Misguided Pain Guidelines?
    When Strong Claims Follow From Weak Evidence
    > Opioid Rx Guidelines in Search of Evidence
    > ECG Screening in Methadone Patients
    > Fibromyalgia Guidelines Inconsistent
    Opioid Blockers Aid Pain Relief
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Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2008: Vol. 3, No. 1

Download PDF: e-Briefing-Vol3-No1-2008.pdf (820 KB; 19 pp)


    Can Pain Medicine Research Be Trusted?
    Opioid-Analgesic Abuse & Addiction
    Prevalence Uncertain
    Special Reports
    > Aches? Pains? Extra Vitamin D May Help
    > Safety Stressed in Updated Guidance on Methadone
    Current Comments
    > Do Opioid Analgesics Sometimes Make Pain Worse?
    > Discharging Patients for Opioid-Analgesic Abuse/Addiction?
    > Telltale Signs Identify Patients with Uncontrolled Pain
    > Sexual Dysfunction – Common with Opioid Analgesics
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Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2007: Vol. 2, No. 2

Download PDF: e-Briefing-Vol2-No2-2007.pdf (720 KB; 18 pp)

    Opioid Contracts: Good, Bad, or Useless?
    “Efficacious” Treatments Are Not Always “Effective”
    Commonsense Opioid-Risk Management
    Confronting the Perils of Pain Treatment
    > Ziegler – Conundrums in Primary Care
    > Webster – Maximizing Methadone Safety
    > Tennant – Intractable Pain & Pseudoaddiction: Howard Hughes
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Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2007: Vol. 2, No. 1

Download PDF: e-Briefing-Vol2-No1-2007.pdf (850 KB; 17 pp)

  • From Editor… Iatrogenic Opioid-Use Problems: What’s the Risk?
  • Language Matters: Time to Nix “Narcotics”
    & Get Specific About Opioids
  • Feature Article: Safety Update – OXYCODONE
  • Renal, Hepatic Dysfunction Requires Rx-Opioid Adjustments
  • Current Comments: “Opiophobia” Unwarranted, Potentially Harmful
  • First-Ever Guide for Helping Patients with Intractable Pain
  • New Book Addresses Opioid Risks & Their Safe Management

Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2006: Vol. 1, No. 2

Download PDF: e-Briefing_Vol1_No2_2006.pdf (768 KB; 14 pp)

  • From Editor… News Reports, FDA Advisory Should Not Deter Use of Methadone
  • Language Matters: Discard “Dependence”; Get Serious About “Addiction”
  • Methadone Safety Stressed by FDA; Report from Pain Treatment Topics Provides Clinical Guidance
  • Conversion Ratios for Rotation from Methadone to Other Opioids
  • Pain & Addiction: Common Threads …Seminar Notes
  • Pain-Topics.org Launches Pain-Art Gallery
  • Events Calendar

Pain-Topics e-Briefing – 2006: Vol. 1, No. 1

Download PDF: e-Briefing_Spring_2006.pdf (530 KB; 11 pp)

  • From Editor… A New Concept for Learning About Pain & Its Treatment via the Internet
  • How Much Methadone Analgesia is Enough?
    Or…Too Much?
  • Methadone-Drug Interactions Affect Patient Response & Safety
  • Tapering Opioids: Patient Safety & Comfort Are Essential
  • Pain: A Confounding Factor in Opioid-Addiction Treatment
  • Events Calendar